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The Whole School Curriculum Audit

A comprehension Whole School Curriculum Audit for you to use as a diagnostic tool to build, revise or rejuvenate your school curriculum documentation and processes. 

  • 3 short instructional videos 

    Each lesson contains a short video (under 10 minutes) that steps you through the process, clarifying questions and ensuring that you get the very most out of the audit for your school.

  • The digital audit, including over 25 questions

    A downloadable document that can either be printed off or written directly upon online. 

  • Lifetime access

    You are able to watch the video and re-print the audit as many times as you like. Ideally you will establish a reflective cycle for your curriculum documentation, so you can come back and revisit the audit to see the development and refocus required across your school.


Buy The Curriculum Audit and receive The Curriculum Assessment Guide AND the Results Template for free!

  • The Curriculum Assessment

    A simple guide to determine where you currently are on your curriculum journey and what to consider as you move forward.

  • Results Template

    Easy to follow template to guide you through interpreting and actioning your Curriculum Audit.

  • Maximise Results

    Make the most of the Audit by understanding the process of curriculum development and how you can enact the results you have uncovered.


The Curriculum Audit

  • Understand your school: current practices, staff experience, historical situations, resources and opportunities

  • See the positives:  confidence is built in the known, so build change through maximising what IS working!

  • Predict the blockers:  understand what areas are most likely to derail your vision and plan to overcome them before they eventuate!

  • Control all the pieces: categorise all the competing elements potentially impacting curriculum development at your school and control the process towards building a truly Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum!

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